EPIC 413
Welcome to EPIC 413
EPIC 413 is a full-service consulting firm serving the food processor and food production industries.  We specialize in Food processing, Food Safety and Sanitation, Pre-audit Inspections, Efficiency Improvements, Food Product Manufacturing, Editing and Document creation, and Quality Assurance/Control. We also work with you to Empower your Team.

EPIC 413

Consultants in Food Processing
                            and Food Safety
Food Industry and Food Safety Specialist

Our team has experience with Food Safety testing and process development for beef, pork, and sheep processing plants from time spent working for USDA-ARS. The team has conducted Food safety product reviews for multiple companies. Design of scale up processes from bench to pilot for multiple processes. Method evaluation and development for QC testing of food process. GMP plant food safety and sanitation related inspections. Developed new processing solution to reduce food product handling and increase packaging efficiency by 50%. Food Processing Line reviews for efficiency improvement. Advising on operations efficiencies. Solve chemistry issues relating to product precipitations and formulations for shelf-life stability.

  • Food Safety Consulting
  • Food Manufacturing Process Improvement
  • QA/QC advising
  • Document editing and development
  • Individual and Team Empowerment

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We help you succeed with our hands on approach to solving your Food processing and Food safety concerns.

We offer HACCP, SOP and Flow Diagram Templates for sale
that will help you be compliant as a California Food Processor.